Baby with heart and plane on foot and Little cat tattoo on the shoulder – Beautiful Tattoo Designs via @small.minitattoo

Baby with a heart and a plane on the leg

Beautiful Tattoo Design via @small.minitattoo

It is very good example of mini tattoos. You can try this easily.  You can apply it on your hand or foot.

“The sky – what a disease, and for what he is loved –
Not always and not all could explain to me
But planes are grieving for him like people
If the gravity of the Earth has become stronger … ”
Zakharov V.


Little cat tattoo on the shoulder

Stylish minimalism, cat muzzle and thin lines – the perfect mix for a small tattoo!
By the way, did you know that in the original version of the Italian “Cinderella” the good fairy was a cat? And there is nothing surprising in this, because cats are really magical creatures




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